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Action Cameras

Are you an adventure junkie looking to capture your adrenaline-fueled moments? Action cameras are the perfect companions for outdoor enthusiasts. These compact and lightweight cameras are mounted on helmets, bikes, or other equipment to capture high-quality videos and stunning images of your outdoor adventures. At Chinavasion, we offer a wide range of wholesale action cameras at cheap prices. Our China wholesale electronics store stocks the latest models of sports cameras, waterproof cameras, and adventure cameras with features like Wi-Fi connectivity, 4K video resolution, and night vision. Whether you're looking for a helmet cam for motorcycling or a cycling camera to record your rides, we have the perfect action camera for you. Our dropshipping services allow you to start selling action cameras without having to worry about inventory or shipping.

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You can buy our action cameras at wholesale prices and resell them through your website or online store. With our drop-ship services, we'll handle the shipping and delivery of your orders directly to your customers.

If you're an avid scuba diver or just love swimming, a waterproof action camera is a must-have accessory. Our waterproof cameras are designed to withstand water pressure and capture high-quality videos and images underwater. With features like image stabilization and 4K video resolution, you can capture stunning visuals of your underwater adventures.

Are you a sports enthusiast looking to capture your thrilling moments on camera? Our sports action cameras are designed for extreme sports like skiing, snowboarding, and surfing. With features like helmet mounts, you can easily capture your point of view while performing stunts or maneuvers.

Cycling cameras are essential for cyclists who want to record their rides or capture videos of their races. Our cycling cameras are compact and lightweight, making them easy to mount on your bike. With features like image stabilization and 4K video resolution, you can capture high-quality videos of your rides and races.

For outdoor enthusiasts, adventure cameras are the perfect accessory to capture your outdoor experiences. Our adventure cameras come with features like Wi-Fi connectivity, image stabilization, and 4K video resolution. You can mount them on your helmet, bike, or other equipment to capture stunning visuals of your adventures.

If you're planning to go on a night adventure, a night vision camera is essential. Our night vision cameras come with features like infrared lighting, allowing you to capture high-quality videos and images even in low light conditions. You can use our night vision cameras for camping, hiking, or exploring caves.

In conclusion, action cameras are essential accessories for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. At Chinavasion, you can find a wide range of wholesale action cameras at cheap prices. From sports cameras to underwater cameras, adventure cameras to night vision cameras, we have the perfect action camera for your needs. With our drop-shipping services, you can start selling our products through your online store without worrying about inventory or shipping. Shop at Chinavasion today and capture your outdoor adventures like never before.
Best action camera, body cameras and sports camera choices from China. Buy yourself a waterproof action camera or motorcycle helmet camera and enjoy the 4K action camera video no matter the weather or where you go.

Perfect for bicycle/motorcycle riding, helmet mounting, surfing, skiing or even skydiving! Our best action cameras offer 4K video and are available on our wholesale electronics shop at cheap wholesale prices.

Best Action Camera and Sport Camera

Video Cameras, especially action cams, are a growing part of our lives. They help us capture those special once in a lifetime moments. Whether it's a baby's first steps, the school play, a backward flip on your BMX or a holiday at the seaside. All the moments you will want to treasure, share with friends and relive for years to come, thanks to this diverse selection of video capture gadgets you can.

Action cams are unlike any other video capturing gadgets you have. These robust and often waterproof cameras are designed to be mounted on your bike, surfboard, helmet or chest harness. A good sports camera is small enough to be worn without impeding your movement yet tough enough to withstand the hardships of extreme sports.

Chinavasion has sourced a host of quality action cameras which are similar to the famous GoPro range but come at a fraction of the big brand prices. In this category, you will find GoPro like gadgets from SJCAM, MyCool, EleCam, Xiaomi and other leading Chinese manufacturers. And we also offer wireless security cameras for home security at cheap wholesale price.

Don't be fooled by the small size of these gadgets. They will still meet your every need and are able to record video at up to 4K resolutions. With wide angle and fish eye lens these cameras capture the full scene and with 360-degree camera lenses, you get a complete panoramic view of your adventures.

Bike & Motorcycle helmet Camera

Bike and Motorcycle helmet cameras are ideal for action sports. They come with at least one mounting and sometimes have as many as 3 or 4 specialized mounts. So you're not restricted to strapping the camera to your helmet. The ability to mount the gadget on your handle bars lets you get a great FPV view and brings the riders perspective to your footage.

It's not only bikes that benefit from this. The different mounts mean that these can be used to capture point of view events from cyclists, climbers, skydivers and any other sport where the participants wouldn't have a free hand for filming. Most will come with some form of remote control so the user or a friend can remotely operate the gadget.

4K Action Camera - Quality Matters For A Sport Camera

When filming high action, fast pace sports quality matters. If you want to enjoy your videos, share them with friends or even make your own production you should invest in a 4K action camera.

Also try to buy one with the largest sensor you can afford. This is as important if not more so than the number of megapixels. If possible get one that can capture at least full HD 1080P video at 60 frames per second (FPS) or more. The higher FPS helps with fast paced action and makes the video smoother, this ensures you can get good results in fast paced action and that your video isn't a blur.

Look for a cam that has image stabilization as this will help keep the shot steady when recording on the go.

Waterproof Action Camera

If you want to use your action camera for recording water sports then you need a waterproof action camera. Not all are waterproof but most come with a special waterproof case. These cases keep the dirt and wet at bay. Look for a camera with a high Ingress Protection (IP) rating. Also if you want to use this gizmo for your diving trips check the depth rating for the waterproof case. Most will keep your action camera safe to depths of 30 meters.

If you intend to use this gizmo when diving also ensure you get one that works well in lower light. Some of these video gadgets have special modes for filming under the waves that ensure you enjoy rich colorful recordings. They are a great way to share your dives with friends and family and will be sure to impress.

Waterproof action cameras can also be used for surfing, jet skiing, and kayaking. look for a one with the best mounts for your needs. Don't forget that you can find other mounts for your gizmos under our accessories category.

360 Degree Video Camera

A 360-degree video camera has a special fish eye lens. Sometimes referred to as panoramic video cameras they are great for capturing a lot of background into your shot.

The unique perspective offered by a 360-degree action cam let you make immersive video footage. You can also make VR content that will wow your friends. These awesome gadgets are a new concept but one with huge potential. All the big camera makers are now getting on board with this new medium in video recording. With a 4K spherical content captured from a 360-degree video camera, you can stitch together a full view of your world and let others immerse themselves in it.

Police Body Cameras

A body cam like those worn by police is an ideal tool for security personnel. They not only reassure the public but also help protect against unwarranted charges of excessive force.

Many police forces and security groups have taken to wearing these police body cams. The results have been beneficial for the individuals as well as those who they serve.

With the culture of litigation that prevails in today's society, as well as a public with a cynical view of authority it's better to be safe than sorry. Body cams provide the perfect tool in documenting the wearers' actions and will help raise the standards and transparency of all security services.

What's The Best Action Cameras / Camcorder?

The best action cam for one person wouldn't be the best for everyone. If you're looking for one of these awesome gadgets then you need to think about your requirements. How will you use the camera? Where will you use it? Who will use it? If you're shooting fast action sports then you need high frames per second capturing. Additionally, if you're filming on, in or near water you will want a waterproof camera. Finally, if you're recording while riding a bike or have your hands otherwise occupied you may need a helmet camera.

But despite all this one factor alone can make a big difference in video quality, and that is the sensor size. The size of sensor that a camera has determines how much light it uses to create an image.

Image sensors consist of millions of light-sensitive spots known as photo sites. These are used to capture the information that's seen through the lens. The bigger the sensor the greater the number of photo sites and this equals more light and information which results in a better image. When it comes to camera sensors bigger is always better. Also, don't underestimate the lens quality and angle it can capture. This is often overlooked when people are shopping for a good quality action cam.

Most sports cameras will have a wide angle lens at least 120 degrees, Some may have 180-degree lenses while a few offer full 360-degree spherical views. remember that while you get more into your shot you will end up with a more disordered picture if you have a wider angles lens. So it is important to think about what you want to use the camera for.

Many actions cameras now have Wi-Fi, it is important to note that this doesn't let the video gadget connect to the internet. Rather it allows them to connect to other wi-fi devices such as your phone or tablet(Check out our cheap phone and cheap tablets category to buy the best budget device if you are looking for them). This ability lets you wirelessly transfer video and photos. very useful as you don't need to pack or mess about with wires.

Remote controls are becoming ever more common for an action cam. These operate over a small range such as 10 or 15 meters. They allow for easy control of the device letting you take photos or start capturing video without having to push the button on the camera. This is useful for two reasons. First, it means the camera can be steadier and you won't accidentally move the angle or other settings. Second, you can trigger the camera to record or take a photo remotely when you're not close to it or can't reach it. Very useful if it is strapped to your head or surfboard. or when you hands are occupied holding onto your bike's handlebars.

Selling Action Cameras? Listing Suggestions

If you plan to resell or drop ship action cameras online then you should ensure you also offer good advice to your customers on the best action cam for their needs. This will help get more traffic to your site.

Retailers and drop shippers of sport action cameras should select good titles and use descriptive keywords to attract more customers. Remember consumers may be searching online for GoPro alternatives and action cams. You can add titles that appeal to the bargain hunter as well. We would recommend that resellers point out the high quality of Chinavasion's range of electronic gadgets which are very affordable as well of high quality.

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