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Camera Equipment / Accessories

Camera Equipment and Photographic Accessories, including high-quality tripods and camera mounting arms/grips, additional monitors for professional DSLR camera studio setups, spare backup batteries and chargers, and cool iPhone / iPad photo accessories. Everything you see here is in stock ready for fast international shipment. Buy in quantity for great wholesale discounts!

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Wholesale Camera Equipment: Introduction

Digital photography is not restricted to a professional studio and in recent years has become a popular pastime of lots of creative individuals. Whether you a professional photographer seeking to equip your studio, or an individual seeking to release your creative potential – in this section you will find lots of digital camera accessories to help you in your undertaking.

This section features additional monitors for DLSR cameras, tripods and mounting arms/grips, wireless triggers, lenses and more.

Hot Camera Accessories: What Are On-Camera DLSR Monitors?

On-camera monitors, also called video-assist monitors, help the photographer get a better focus and take a better quality images.

A clear advantage of having an on-camera monitor is that it provides a larger screen than the one built into your DLSR, which makes lots of things easier – especially if you have to look at the monitor for a long time.

On-camera monitors also come with high resolution capabilities. Quite often, even if your DLSR camera can take high-resolution pictures, its built-in monitor may be limited by lower resolution. With an on-camera monitor you will not have this problem.

How To Chose An On-Camera Monitor Online?

There are a few things you will want to ay attention to when making the purchase.

Size: Clearly, size is one of them. The reason you are considering getting an on-camera monitor in the first place is because you need a larger screen. So – the larger the better – will probably be a safe recommendation. However, make sure you are not compromising quality for size. Look for a good size+resolution mix.

Resolution: If you want to get the sharpest focus possible out of your pictures, you will need an on-camera monitor with a high resolution. You will also have a better viewing of colour, light and contrast.

Additional Features: Modern on-camera monitors can come with various extras, like colour matching settings, sun protection hoods, ability to monitor image level and others.

Best Camera Accessories: What Are Wireless Flash Triggers?

A flash trigger allows you to operate your camera’s flash remotely. Normally, these devices are connected to your camera with a cord. However, with wireless technology in place, the cords are a thing of the past – so you will not have to worry about tripping over one of them during a photo shoot. Instead, wireless flash triggers will send a radio signal to your camera’s flash to activate it.

There are manufacturer-specific wireless flash triggers that would only work with particular camera makers, like, for example, Canon. There are also generic wireless flash triggers that will work with any DSLR camera.

Using a wireless flash trigger can make your job as a photographer much easier, as well as allow for better quality pictures.

How To Choose A Wireless Flash Trigger Online?

Here’s what you should think about when purchasing a wireless flash trigger.

Signal Transmission: Most wireless flash triggers use RF, of radio frequency, for signal transmission. However, you may also find that certain models that use infrared signal transmission. While both of these options are reliable, you may find that infrared signal transmission is slightly affected by the sunlight. So if you plan to take photos outside in bright daylight, it’s better to keep your wireless flash trigger in the shade. RF wireless triggers are not affected by sunlight.

Flash Sync Speed: With high-speed sync becoming a standard feature when it comes to flash, make sure you choose a wireless flash trigger to support this functionality. Chinavasion’s wireless flash triggers come with the flash sync speed of up to 1/8000s.

Additional Features: Consider the additional features, sported by a specific wireless flash trigger. Some of them can make your photo-taking experience even easier by adding quality to the result. For instance, some wireless flash triggers come with the flash adjusting feature, meaning that you can change the power of the flash output right on the trigger, without the need to go back to the camera.

Why Buy Camera Accessories From Wholesale Supplier Chinavasion

Photography can get to be a pretty expensive hobby. And if you are a professional and need to get equipment for your studio – the bills could get sky-high. With Chinavasion you can get retail quantity camera accessories at a wholesale price – meaning, you can get more quality equipment without going over your budget or even resell them at a profit.

With reliable 24/7 after sales support and a full one-year warranty, you can safely get to work and focus on taking best quality pictures with your newly-acquired accessories.

If you are interested in drop shipping camera equipment and accessories in your local market – we have your back. Even better deals are available for wholesale purchases and all the products in stock are ready for fast international delivery.

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