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Android TV Boxes

Chinavasion is a leading wholesale and dropship website that offers a wide range of products, including TV boxes. TV boxes are a popular category on Chinavasion, with many different options available, including Android TV boxes, smart TV boxes, and internet TV boxes. In this article, we will explore the benefits of TV boxes and why the best Android TV box is a must-have for any home entertainment system.

TV boxes are small devices that connect to your TV and allow you to stream content from the internet. They are a great way to access a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, and live sports. TV boxes are also very easy to use, with most models featuring a simple interface that can be controlled with a remote or smartphone app.

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Turning your HD TV in an Android powered Smart TV has never been this easy and affordable. Forget about buying a new TV with a few average smart functions. With a Chinavasion Android Mini PC, such as an Android TV box or Android TV stick you get access to anything you usually enjoy on your phone, but now directly on a big screen.

One of the main benefits of TV boxes is that they are very affordable. Chinavasion offers a wide range of TV boxes at wholesale prices, making it easy to find a model that fits your budget.Additionally, many TV boxes are very easy to set up, with most models requiring only a few minutes to get up and running.

Another benefit of TV boxes is that they offer a wide range of features. For example, many Android TV boxes come with Google Play Store pre-installed, allowing you to download and install a wide range of apps. Smart TV boxes also offer features like voice control and the ability to connect to other smart home devices.

Internet TV boxes are another popular option, offering access to a wide range of online content. These devices are perfect for cord-cutters who want to access streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. Internet TV boxes are also great for sports fans, with many models offering access to live sports streams.

In conclusion, TV boxes are a great way to access a wide range of content on your TV. Whether you are looking for an Android TV box, smart TV box, or internet TV box, Chinavasion has a wide range of options available at wholesale prices. So why not upgrade your home entertainment system today with the best Android TV box on the market?

Android TV Box and Smart TV Stick

This is an easy and very affordable way of turning your TV into an Android Smart TV without having to buy a whole new TV set. Android PCs come in all kinds of different shapes and price ranges. Ranging from ultra small Android TV sticks not much bigger than a lighter to the bigger Android TV boxes, there is something for every kind of user in this category. If you are looking for a portable option on which you can quickly store all your movies and music, we recommend you to go for the Android TV sticks. If you wish to turn your own TV into a Smart TV, try a bigger Android TV box, these are usually a bit more powerful and come with various options.

With Android on you TV you can enjoy a wealth of apps and games as well as plenty of online entertainment that will instantly make your TV smart and open a whole new world of multimedia for you to explore.

How does an Android TV Box Work?

Android first came to our phones, then it slowly took over our tablets and now it's aiming for your TV. Becoming increasingly popular over the past few years, an Android TV Box plugs into the HDMI socket on the back of your television, monitor or even a projector, turning it into an Android multimedia hub. Then just switch to the HDMI input on your screen, switch on the droid box and you're ready to go.

Windows TV Box & Windows Mini PCs

After the development of the Intel Atom processors range, for mobile technology, a number of options now come with the Windows operating preinstalled.

Windows is becoming increasingly popular on TV Boxes and mini PCs with a number of HDMI PC sticks and dual boot Android and Windows TV boxes. They generally have all the features of an Android player but user the Windows OS which many office workers are more familiar with.

You get access to Microsoft's own app store and can enjoy compatibility with the common office files and formats letting you work from them with ease as well as enjoy plenty of online and offline entertainment.

Whichever device you decide on there is one thing you can rest assure of, no matter which Android Player you choose, we guarantee that you will get them at the lowest wholesale price!

What can an Android TV Box do?

An Android Media Player is basically a PC packed in a much smaller housing. It comes with a processor, RAM, internal memory, a Wi-Fi receiver, USB inputs, an HDMI connection and as operation system it runs Android. The core advantage of a Media Player is that it has been specifically designed to be used with your TV, hence the HDMI connection or AV ports, and easily lets you stream movies to it, browse the web, install apps and more. Just imagine yourself sitting on your sofa, watching YouTube on your TV and then switching back to regular TV shows. Or quickly post a Tweet, update your Facebook status, check IMDB and so much more.

Coming ready straight out of the box, all you have to do is hook it up to your TV or any other screen and you're ready to go! No long installations, no activations required, and all of that within the familiar environment of Android. So if you already have an Android Phone or Tablet, you already know how to operate your new Android box. If not, don't worry, Android is extremely user-friendly and its intuitiveness is one of the main reasons so many users before you have chosen for it.

What is a Kodi TV Box?

Kodi, previously called XBMC is an open source advanced media player that offers access to a wealth of online media for streaming direct to your player. This app is constantly being updated and the current version, Kodi V17.0 is called Krypton. It is available for Android, MacOS, iOS and Windows. This award winning media player was designed to bring access to a large volume of online content in one place and comes preinstalled on a number of TV boxes.

What To look for When buying a Smart TV Box / TV Stick?

When buying a TV box you should consider your requirements and needs as well as your budget, here are a few things to take into account.

Resolution - If you have a 4K flat panel screen or are going to buy one in the future then you may want to consider a TV box with 4K video support. This will let you make the most of your television. A good option for this would be a Minix or OTT TV box. With the latest CPUs and integrated advanced graphics, these media players have no problem with full HD 1080P resolutions and many support and play 4K Ultra HD videos. There is a growing range of 4K content available, especially sports and a 4K TV box like the OTT TV Box or other similar devices running on the latest Amlogic or Rockchip CPUs would be a future-proof purchase.

CPU and RAM- like all computers the faster the processor and the more cores it has the better the performance, this is true with TV boxes as well. If you just want to surf the web, watch movies and stream online content then you needn't spend big on a device with the latest and fastest SoC (system on Chip) and can settle for a cheap TV box that performs all you need. however, if you want to play games and use your TV as an extra household computer then you want a device more like a mini PC. The best TV Box for this will have a fast multi-core processor and plenty of RAM as well as loads of extra memory space and plenty of ports for peripherals. This will ensure it can handle all your requirements without any lag or dropped frames.

SPDIF Audio Out - If you have a good sound system then having SPDIF or optical audio output is a must. This will ensure you get a premium sound quality without distortions or interference. With this sort of port and a good pair of speakers, you can enjoy cinematic sound and create your own home movie experience that's on par with the cinema.

Storage - If you want to keep loads of movies, photos, and music stored locally then you will need a device with greater storage potential, however, if you intend to stream your content from online sources such as Hulu and Netflix then you only need a basic amount of space for the applications. Most HDMI sticks and media boxes will have 16GB, 32GB or even 64GB of internal memory as well as a micro SD storage card option. Some will even have an OTG or advance USB ports capable of supporting memory pens. However, the best Android TV Box or Windows mini PC will, of course, go a step further and may have built-in SSD storage as well as support for an internal or external HDD.

Software - Whether you choose and Android or Windows device will depend on the type of software you wish to run. Most Android boxes typically run on KitKat, Lollipop, or Marshmallow but it 2017 we will start to see the Nougat OS on these devices. The Windows version uses Windows 8 or Win 10. Both have their own advantages, many Android TV boxes now come with Kodi preinstalled, however, there are version of this media play for other operating platforms and Windows systems will have access to the Windows app store rather than the Google Play Store which some users may find advantageous, so it's best to check your requirements carefully.

Miracast, DLNA- These allow you to wirelessly play content from another device on your TV box. Similar to Google Cast (Used on the Chromecast Dongle) DLNA and Miracast let you share the screen of your android phone or tablet with the TV box.

Wireless Network - Being able to connect to your home network wirelessly will give greater freedom in where you can use the TV box or TV stick. Some later devices will support dual-band Wi-Fi meaning they can transmit data wirelessly on two Wi-Fi frequencies allowing you to enjoy faster connectivity with supported networks.

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