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Women Nose Up Lifting Straightening Shaping Clip Beauty Tool Nose Shaper

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Women Nose Up Lifting Beauty Tool Nose Shaper
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Women Nose Up Lifting Beauty Tool Nose Shaper
Women Nose Up Lifting Beauty Tool Nose Shaper
  • Titanium frame can easily adjust the tightness of nose clip without hurting nose. Environmental protection silicone mat, soft and comfortable, non-toxic and healthy.
  • Use this to help shape and lift your nose without the need for expensive plastic surgery and painless.
  • This product used in makeup, clean the skin condition. Apply to nose for approximately 30 minutes a day for desired effect.
  • Mat is demountable and washable, clean it with clear water.
  • Please stop using when take a bath, sauna and go to bed.

--This is a small tool to help the nose shape, let nose smaller and adjust the nasal type these two functions, nasal soft tissue and cartilage, so use for a long time to finalize the design product, was more scientific.
--It is not plastic surgery, need every day, at least 1 to 2 months to work, don't entertain wild hope can change in a few days, not possible.
--Change as confident beauty. "The new position-Nose Up beauty's nose implement", want to have a natural, beautiful, straight and type of nose, and don't want to spend money into the hospital integer?
--Use every day as long as 15 to 30 minutes, can let you have the ideal beauty nose! use every day 15 ~ 30 minutes, can natural, beautiful, straight nose!
--On both sides of the long side to select the reasonable can or short side do adjust. special material, safe, comfortable, not harm skin.

Item type: Nose Shaper
Application: Nose up
Crowd: Female
Product color: Transparent/Violet/Blue/Pink
Weight: 30g
Material: Silica gel
Package: 1 * Nose Shaper

Note: Please stop use immediately if any discomfort is felt
1. It is strictly prohibited to excessive long time use.
2. The products are antibacterial deodorant, so will not harm the skin.
3. Do not put products placed on buy fire place.
4. Please keep in place, prevent infants cannot obtain accident harm.
5. Use if had abnormal or discomfort, please stop using.

Please contact us first when you have any problem,we will give you the best service and solve the problem ASAP.Thank you so much.

Date Launched: Aug 14 2019
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