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MK-328 TR LCR ESR Tester Transistor Inductance Capacitance Resistance ESR Meter without Battery White

Product code: PIS_00C3Q21L

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MK-328 TR LCR ESR Tester Transistor
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MK-328 TR LCR ESR Tester Transistor
MK-328 TR LCR ESR Tester Transistor
  • --With the latest M328 version software, it has more functions than M8 version.
  • --The microcontroller uses an 8 MHz external crystal oscillator, higher measurement accuracy.
  • --Using 1/1000 metal film resistor as the resistors that affects accuracy, and 1% metal film resistors are used for the rest.
  • --The backlight LCD screen with low power consumption, convenient to read data in the dark.
  • --Built-in stacked 9V batteries with external DC power supply jacks, long use time.
- Switching off current about 20nA, can use battery
- Automatic detect NPN and NPP bipolar transistors, N and P channel MOSFET, JFET, diodes, double diodes, unidirectional thyristors and bidirectional thyristors
- Automatic detect pin layout of the detected part
- Measure the current amplification factor of bipolar transistors and the voltage of the base-emitter threshold
- Darlington transistor can be identified by threshold voltage of high current amplification factor.
- Detect MOS bipolar transistors and protective diodes
- Measure gate threshold voltage and gate capacitance of MOSFET
- Measure up to two resistors and potentiometers
- Can detected and measure capacitor ranges from 30 pF to 100 mF
- For capacitors with capacitance greater than 2 uF, equivalent capacitor, the resolution of series resistor (ESR) is 0.01Ohm, and dispaly 2 decimal digits
- Up to two diodes are displayed in the correct order and in the diode symbols
- The LED is detected as a diode, the forward voltage is much higher than the normal value. 2-in-1 LED is detected as two diodes.
- Can identify Zener diodes if the reverse breakdown voltage is less than 4.5 V
- Reverse measures diode capacity. If Base is connected to only one collector or transmitter, can analyze Bipolar transistors
- Capacitance values below 30 pF are usually not detectable, but can be measured with parallel diodes or at least 30 pF shunt capacitors.
- The measurable inductance resistance is less than 2100Ohm and the measuring range is 0.01 mH-20H. Onlly display results when single component is connected.
Test time about 2 seconds, will be longer for capacitance or inductance measurements
Size: 125 x 80 x 32 (mm)
Weight: 200g

Note: Before measuring capacitance, the capacitor must be discharged, otherwise the instrument may be damaged.
Package content: 1*transistor tester

Date Launched: Aug 30 2019
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